Individual Portfolios

You are unique.

Everyone is at a different stage in life. Careers have a life cycle, family relationships evolve, personal and health issues come and go. There is no standard path, nor is there a standard plan when it comes to financial issues.

We understand the differences. Let us help you sort it out.

We start with an overall assessment of your situation—touching upon estate and tax issues, insurance requirements, educational plans, health issues, and intergenerational goals. Then we will provide customized advice on which investment strategy best meets those goals.

Having worked with clients for more than 30 years, we have the expertise to convert goals into action.

You may be surprised how much money can be saved through proper estate and tax planning.

When it comes to managing your money, our objective is not to beat the market, but rather to allocate your funds appropriate to your situation and risk tolerance. How your assets are spread among investment categories has a far greater impact on your results than which specific securities you own.

We typically invest in common stocks, bonds, and exchange-traded funds. When specialized expertise is needed, we turn to respected outside managers, holding them to three high standards
their performance (relative to others in their category), their process (how they select their investments), and their people (competency and consistency). We monitor our outside managers on an ongoing basis and do not hesitate to make changes when standards slip.

Using this balanced approach, you have a good chance of earning a reasonable return—throughout multiple economic cycles—with an acceptable level of risk. Diversification helps provide stability. 

The future is not knowable. Invest accordingly.


Maxfield Parrish: Dusk, 1942

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