Endowments and Foundations

Implied Expectations

All communities benefit from charitable efforts—whether for educational, social, health, historic, religious, or cultural purposes. We support those activities by helping trustees with their fiduciary duties.

First, we can suggest an investment policy that defines how endowment funds are to be managed and what spending policies are appropriate.

Then, within those guidelines, we will manage the assets. Our goals are quite simple—preservation of capital, a growing stream of income, and growth of capital.

Brendan Conry has served on the boards and investment committees of numerous 501(c)(3) organizations. He has advised investment committees on endowment issues; dealt with donations of property and securities; directed banks on custody and reporting requirements; and worked with attorneys and tax professionals familiar with endowment issues.

Let him help you carry out the “implied expectations” of those who established your endowment or foundation in the first place.

There is a business side to every nonprofit.


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